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Phoenix – Sedona – Flagstaff

October 12, 2009

Not too much to report on for the last few days. We spent the past 3 nights at the Wigwam Resort right outside of Phoenix. The place was amazing. We each had our own room, which was great, and it was nice to just do nothing for a couple of days. Here are some pictures of the place I pulled from their website.


wigwam_golf_resortThe first day we spent filming the resort, but once we were done with that, we just hung around the pool and played some shuffleboard. On Saturday night, we went across the street to a bar that had karaoke. There was this man walking around. Fat, glasses, slicked back hair. He was sneezing everywhere. Just going from one corner to the other making a mess. Drew saw him walk over to the bathroom, but on his way there, he rained down onto all of the silverware. He then made his way over to his girlfriend and wiped his hand on her back. Classy.

The next morning, Drew went back to that same bar to watch the Vikings play. I joined him a little later and noticed he had eaten. I jokingly said, “You use the silverware that was out last night?” I could see the wheels turning. “Shit!”

After we left Phoenix, we made a stop over in Sedona to see the Redrocks. There are these scenic dirt roads that go off into the wilderness, so we took one of those a few miles deep. Here are some of the pictures.







Last night we arrived in Flagstaff. This place is cold. It went from being 86 in Phoenix to 50 in Flagstaff. While we were grabbing some dinner, Drew looks over and says, “I can feel I’m starting to get sick….”

The place we’re staying at here is a little different from the resort in Phoenix. We’re in a room the size of a closet, sleeping in bunk beds. The best feature of this hostel, which comes with no extra charge, is that we get to hear the soothing sound of a freight train flying by every half hour. The tracks are directly outside our window. We slept last night in 30-minute intervals. Flagstaff seems nice enough from what we’ve seen so far. Our 4-day hike in the Grand Canyon takes off tomorrow; so neither of us will have our cells or computers to post anything until Saturday when we’re in Vegas.  Until then…

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