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San Antonio – El Paso – Middle of Nowhere

October 6, 2009

For the past few days we’ve been doing a whole lot of driving. Our stop in San Antonio was brief, but we were able to see the Alamo and grab a few pictures in front of it.



San Antonio has this cool man made river that runs through the center of the city called the River walk. It’s lined with Restaurants and shops. Very European.

The Drive from San Antonio to El Paso was long. It took us about 10 hours on a highway where there is nothing but road. We listened to some Adam Corolla Podcasts on the way, which passed the time pretty quickly. You can download them off of itunes for free. In west Texas there’s about 40 miles between stops for gas, food, ect.. The drive is visually interesting though. Here are some pictures of I-10 in Texas.




We spent the night in El Paso just to stop over and left for Arizona first thing in the morning. Our destination was a town that isn’t on the GPS called Sasabe, AZ. Sasabe is right on the US Mexican border and is home to a ranch called Rancho de la Osa. It’s over 45 miles into the middle of the nowhere. Drew called before hand to ask if they had a TV with the Monday night football game on and they said they know of a bar that is an hour and a half away that might have a TV. This is where we’re staying for 3 nights.

When you pull into the gate, there are horses just roaming around everywhere. I’ll put up some pictures of the place in a few days. They have scheduled times of the day when they’d like you to eat, go horseback riding, go to the cantina for a drink, or sit by the campfire with all of the staff. Last night we started talking to the bartender at the cantina who told us all about the border patrol and how they handle illegals in the area. He told us that there are two towers on the border. One that intercepts all cell phone/radio frequencies and one that is a motion activated video camera that can see up to 12 miles away.

The only other people staying here were this older couple and their very old daughter, who were here for her birthday. We had dinner with them last night. The older man started talking about how some of the hiking trails are too similar to each other. The older lady quietly whispers, “They’re gonna come out here, put a bag over your head, and cut you up if you keep talking like that.” Then she went back to eating.

We briefly stopped over at the campfire to just say hi to some of the staff that were there. This one guy that works here has been moving around from ranch to ranch across the country for the past 5 years. He recommended a stop in Sedona and to keep a lookout for community mud pits. Apparently Arizona has these huge mud pits where people go to… well I don’t know what they go there for, but it sounds interesting.

John Wayne actually stayed here along with a really long list of celebrities, past presidents, and writers. It has a pretty interesting history. The cantina is the oldest building in Arizona as well. Today should be an easy day of some horseback riding and filming.

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  1. Fran Sharabi permalink
    October 7, 2009 2:07 am

    Very interesting post Mike and pictures. I am really enjoying following you and Drew around the country.

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